Why hire Goldman & Rosenthal as your local Columbus, Ohio criminal defense attorney?

Ohio misdemeanors and felonies carry strict consequences. A person who is convicted of a first time misdemeanor can possibly spend six months in jail and pay fines up to $1,000. Punishment for a felony can erase a large portion of one’s life. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to hire an attorney to help. It is never a good idea to face the courts alone when you have been accused of a crime. Going into the court room with solid representation increases your chances of either getting out free or paying only minimum fines and consequences. The following are reasons to hire a local Columbus, Ohio criminal defense attorney for your criminal defense:

Total Protection

No matter what type of case you have hanging over your head, a reliable Criminal Defense Attorney is motivated to protect you. He or she will use acquired expertise to ensure that you receive fair treatment in the court room. This person will come up with an iron clad defense that the prosecution will have to work hard to dismantle. Hiring a local attorney will make it easier for you to make it to your appointments. Additionally, it will ensure that the firm has a solid grasp on the laws in your area.


A good Criminal Defense Attorney will be able to represent you in a number of areas. This person will be well rounded in all aspects of criminal justice. He or she will be able to stand side by side with you during distribution hearing and plead in your behalf on a DUI case as well. Defense attorneys are chameleons who have the ability to adapt to any situation for a client’s well-being. Having a firm like this in your corner can increase your chances of success tenfold.


Another great reason to hire Goldman & Rosenthal Columbus, Ohio criminal defense attorneys for your criminal defense is affordability. We accept all major credit cards and make reasonable arrangements to help our clients through these difficult times. Being able to make reasonable payments for representation will reduce stress while you are going through the legal processes. The attorneys at Goldman & Rosenthal realize that many of their clients are on budgets. Therefore, they do their best to offer solutions to getting retainers paid. We offer free initial consultations. A consultation gives a person a chance to explain the incident so that the lawyer can review assess the situation. If we feel as though we can positively represent the client, legal services will be offered immediately.