Why call Goldman & Rosenthal Attorneys At Law if you have been charged with drug possession in Columbus, Ohio?

If you have been charged with drug possession in Columbus, Ohio, do not hesitate to call Goldman & Rosenthal Attorneys At Law immediately! The attorneys at Goldman & Rosenthal know the law and can assist you through the often overwhelming criminal process. Many incorrectly assume that a criminal defense attorney is only necessary if you are innocent. Criminal defense attorneys not only defend the innocent, but help ensure that everyone plays by the rules and that your rights are protected. No one should be cheated out of their rights. In some cases, law enforcement fails to comply with procedure or they ignore important constitutional rights of individuals. At the prosecution phase, defendants are sometimes bullied by the prosecutor into accepting unfair plea agreements or the prosecutor fails to follow the rules of disclosure and evidence.

Goldman & Rosenthal can identify areas where law enforcement disobeyed the rules and help you pursue the appropriate relief, which is sometimes complete dismissal of the case. Goldman & Rosenthal hold law enforcement officers and prosecutors responsible and ensure that rights are protected. The prosecutor will be forced to disclose all evidence against you and there will not be surprises in court. At the sentencing phase, these attorneys can help present information to help decrease the severity of the punishment.

Drug possession cases are often complicated and each case presents possible issues that often are not obvious. The prosecution must be able to establish certain elements before a conviction may be entered. These elements often require the prosecution to call on expert witnesses and to rely on complicated scientific data.

The attorneys at Goldman & Rosenthal have defended many charged with drug possession. They have experience analyzing complicated scientific evidence in drug possession cases and determining the strengths and weaknesses of a defense. These attorneys know how to properly cross examine witnesses and attack weaknesses in evidence. They can also assist with identifying and presenting possible rebuttal witnesses to help demonstrate weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

The attorneys at Goldman & Rosenthal have years of experience at all levels of the criminal justice system. They can help protect your rights and relieve the stress resulting from being charged with drug possession.