Dealing with a Child Custody and Child Support Case in Columbus, Ohio

It is an unfortunate fact that, these days, approximately one-half of all marriages in the United States end in a divorce or dissolution. Therefore, those who are currently going through a difficult divorce are certainly not alone, but knowing this often does not make the situation any easier. Many people find themselves feeling emotionally lost and worried about what the future might hold while going through a divorce. These feelings can be especially amplified for those who are going through a divorce where children are involved. In these cases, disagreements over child custody are common. Additionally, a large percentage of children are born to unmarried parents. If these parents split up, there is often a dispute as to custody of their child, together with payment of child support.

In making this determination, the court is going to consider the best interest of the child. This can mean either sole custody for one parent or the imposition of shared parenting. For this reason, it is generally recommended that those going through a divorce where child custody and child support are going to be at issue hire a professional child custody attorney from the offices of Goldman & Rosenthal. This way, one can have the legal representation that is needed when it comes to presenting a case to the court for the specific terms of the divorce and child custody situation that are most appealing to the client. When hiring legal representation for such a case, choosing a qualified child custody and child support attorney who has proven experience and success in this situation in the past is vital.

By having the right legal representation for a child custody hearing, the chances of the case working out in one’s favor are much greater.