Reasons To Alter Child Support Orders In Columbus, Ohio

There may come a time when a person in Ohio wants to change their child support order. Anyone can request a review of their child support order from the Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). A support officer will conduct the child support order review. The support officer does not represent or advocate for either party. The support order needs to have been active for a minimum of three years.

Less Than Three Years

If a child support order is less than three years old, there are certain situations when a review will be permitted to occur.

-If the current order states a condition for the reduction of the support amount due to unemployment or underemployment, and these conditions have been met.

-Either party to the support order has become permanently disabled, and their earning ability has changed.

-Either party has been incarcerated or institutionalized and is unable to provide financial support.

-Either party has a decrease or increase in health insurance coverage, and the change is over 10 percent or more.

-An administrative order is given for consolidation of the support for children who have the same parents into a single administrative order. This is done to comply with established guidelines.

-Either party obtains increased health care coverage for their child.

-Either party has a decrease or increase in the required cost of child care as well as health insurance coverage costs that will alter the current support obligation by ten percent or more.

-The private health insurance being utilized become unavailable at a reasonable price or is no longer accessible.

-The party obligated to pay support has a gross income less that 150 percent of the federal poverty level. They may also no longer be required to pay cash medical support.

-The party obligated to pay support is a member of the military and is called to active military duty for longer than 30 days.

-If the party obligated to pay support gets a temporary support order adjustment and has made CSEA aware the term of their active military service is over, and the obligated party has provided sufficient written documentation to prove their employer is in violation of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.