Why our clients hire Lee Rosenthal Attorney at Law to be their Grandparents’ Rights attorney in Columbus, Ohio?

There are many different reasons why a family splits apart. These reasons, however, should never involve the grandparents and their rights to enjoy and visit with their grandchildren. Regardless of the situation that has split the parents up, grandparents have the right to be a pait of the lives of their grandchildren.

Grandparents Rights In Ohio

In Ohio, maternal grandparents have the right to request an order from the court for reasonable visitation with their grandchildren who are born out of wedlock. This right also extends to the paternal grandparents if paternity has been established, even if the children are subsequently adopted by a stepparent.

These rights are specifically stated in Ohio law concerning parental rights. The attorneys of Lee Rosenthal Attorney at Law understand these laws and they understand how important it is for grandparents to be involved with their grandchildren.

When Grandparents May Sue For Visitation

Grandparents can sue for visitation rights at any time if the parents are involved in a divorce, dissolution of marriage, legal sepai·ation, annulment or child support proceeding that involves the child. The grandpai·ents do not have to wait for a divorce to be finalized or a remarriage to take place

The Comt will review all requests by grandparents to have visitation with their grandchildren and determine if it is in the best interest of the child.

Grandparents Rights To File For Custody

Ohio law also allows grandparents to file for custody of their grandchildren if there is strong proof that the parents are unfit to care for the child or children. The grandparents would have to prove that both parents are unfit and that removal from the parental home is necessaiy for the children to be safe and healthy.

The Comt will carefully review these cases and determine if the parents are unfit and if living with the grandparents is a better choice for the children in question.

Aggressive Representation

Grandparents offer children experience and love that is special. This bond should not be broken because of family issues with the parents of the children. The attorneys of Lee Rosenthal Attorney at Law understand how special this bond is, and they will aggressively represent grandparents who are trying to establish visitation or custody rights for their grandchildren.