Why call Goldman & Rosenthal Attorneys At Law if you have been injured in a semi- truck accident in Columbus, Ohio?

Goldman-and-Rosenthal-Injury-PhotoIf you were injured in a semi-truck accident and do not know have a lawyer to represent you, the Goldman & Rosenthal Law Firm offers personal injury legal representation. There has been a significant increase of auto accidents lately in Columbus, Ohio. This is due to factors including weather conditions and driver negligence. Although safety strategies may be used by some drivers, there are a lot of drivers who do not use good judgment while driving.

Seek Legal Help Early

After you’ve been evaluated by a physician for your injuries, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer who has helped clients receive benefits needed to pay for medical care. A personal injury lawyer can file a claim or lawsuit on your behalf and reduce the possibility of benefit denial. You will also be able to meet the claim filing deadline which is two years after the date of your accident. This Statute of Limitations in Ohio has been established to help protect personal injury victims’ legal rights. As a result, you can take the opportunity to seek justice for the injury that you have acquired because of a truck driver’s failure to comply with traffic safety.

Claim Your Benefits

The longer you delay filing your claim, the higher the likelihood you will miss the filing deadline. Jerry Goldman and Lee Rosenthal have worked hard to achieve positive results for semi truck accident victims. These attorneys have more than 30 years of experience handling legal cases including personal injury, family law, traffic/DUI, and criminal defense.

Reasons to Choose Goldman & Rosenthal

The Goldman & Rosenthal Law Firm welcomes you to contact the office when you want a legal team on your side who have a proven track record of success. Your personal injury benefits are an important part of your recovery process. If you do not seek legal assistance soon, your medical expenses could accrue rapidly which could eventually jeopardize your financial future. The attorneys at Goldman & Rosenthal Law Firm understand the challenges you’re dealing with and that is why they are willing to help you. Legal services are available on a contingent fee basis. You can schedule a free initial consultation appointment so that your injury situation can be reviewed. Flexible scheduling is also available to make your legal counseling sessions convenient for you. Appointments are available six days a week. Contact the office today.