Common Penalties For The First And Second DUI Charges In Ohio

columbus-Ohio-DUI-AttorneysIt is commonplace for the term “operating a vehicle under the influence” or OVI to be used in place of DUI in the state of Ohio. When caught driving while u nder the influence (DUI) in the State of Ohio for the first time, the penalties can vary in severity. There are mandatory mini mum penalties including jail time, monetary fines, and suspension of driver’s license.

The second time one is charged with a DUI, the penalties of jail time and monetary fines

increase from when the first charge was issued. The Court can order an ignition interlock device be placed on the offender’s vehicle. This will prevent the vehicle from stai1ing if an intoxicated person breathes into the device.

Getting A DUI For The First Time

First time DUI offenders in the state of Ohio will find themselves facing anywhere from only three days to six months in jail. In addition, a fine of 375 dol lars to 1,000 dollars could be assessed against the offender. The offender’s license can be suspended anywhere from six months to three years.

The Second Time Around

When a person gets a DUI charge for a second time, the potential time spent in jail, the fine, and the license suspension time increases. A second time offender can expect to spend at least ten days behind bars with higher fines and longer license suspensions. In light of these severe penalties, it is imperative that you have the representation that you need. Let the law firm of Goldman & Rosenthal provide you with that representation.