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DUI/OVI Arrest: What to Do the Day After being Charged in Ohio

Being arrested and booked for a Driving Under the Influence or Operating a columbus-Ohio-DUI-AttorneysVehicle while Intoxicated charge can be truly devastating to one’s future for a number of reasons. These charges, also commonly referred to as a DUI/OVI charge, can lead to a substantial number of points being placed on one’s license, hefty fines, and even jail time. Not to mention, for those who already have a significant number of points on their license, a DUI or OVI conviction can lead to having one’s license suspended or revoked entirely.

Fortunately, by simply taking the proper steps the day after receiving a DUI or OVI charge, the chances of being subject to the harshest of consequences from such a crime are significantly lessened. This is especially true for those who have been arrested for this reason for the first time or have an otherwise clean driving record.

The first step that should be taken following a DUI or OVI arrest is to simply contact a qualified and experienced OVI attorney or DUI attorney in the area where the person was arrested. After all, for anybody who wants to have a serious chance at receiving a lessened charge when it comes time for one’s court date, it is absolutely necessary to have a professional attorney on one’s side for the court hearing. This is why you should call the experienced attorneys at Goldman & Rosenthal.

Specifically, hiring a local DUI attorney or OVI attorney is beneficial because he or she will be sure know all of the local laws and regulations regarding driving while under the influence. For example, for those who were arrested and charged in the state of Ohio, hiring a professional attorney who is familiar with Ohio laws is vital. After all, these laws vary from state to state.

Once a DUI attorney or OVI attorney is hired, it will be necessary for the defendant to provide him or her with all of the details surrounding the case itself. Furthermore, the attorney will also be likely to ask for information regarding the driver’s past criminal and driving record. This information will all be necessary when it comes to building a compelling case to present to the judge in court.

Overall, being arrested and charged with an OVI or DUI can be a devastating experience, and the repercussions of this one mistake can last a lifetime. Fortunately, there are some wise steps that one can take following an arrest to have the best chances of receiving a lesser charge.